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Agaricus Blazei Murill (Agaricus Milena) or God`s mushroom

We are in 2017,the month of august, day 10, and what you see here is  the mushroom Agaricus Blazei Murill, also called God`s mushroom, a Romanian trademark known as Agaricus Milena. We are in the Romanian production unit in Maia village, Romania.

God`s mushroom is a therapeutic mushroom which grows only in the conditions provided by the Amazonian forest. However, we did manage to recreate these conditions from Brazil here, in Romania. The proof of this success is the very growth of this type of mushroom.
God`s mushroom is a mushroom with extraordinary therapeutic properties, which can solve cases in which traditional medicine is powerless, including alternative medicine,and can, combined with traditional and alternative medicine provide life expectancy in cases deemed as incurable, such as  cancer, diabetes,virus B or C cirrhosis ,liver cirrhosis,  it even solves  cases of psoriasis and significantly helps diabetic patients  reestablish their normal blood sugar levels.  
The Agaricus Blazei Murill mushroom is a mushroom which should not be missing from any physician`s therapeutic arsenal who is dealing with serious illnesses, medical issues characterized  by the failure of the immune system and  chronical weakness.  
This is what God`s mushroom looks like and how it grows and we ought to appreciate that at present we can consume it even raw here in Romania, action which was once performed solely by the Japanese aristocracy, Japan`s emperor could afford to do what you see me doing right now, to consume Agaricus Blazei Murill straight from his garden. Its taste is as strong as bitter dates. The content of the mushroom is rich in amygdalin, vitamin B17,  a vitamin with very strong anticancerous properties, but the product, that is  the main ingredient which makes this therapeutic mushroom  the strongest weapon against cancer  is (1-6)-(1-3)-β-D-glucan, which is to be found in this mushroom in very high amounts. It`s good to ingest even in its raw state.
I wish all of you watching to stay healthy and to manage to try this mushroom especially now that you know  about its existence and that it is available in Romania too, however, first and foremost I wish you to keep your good health  and not to need this mushroom.
Despite this, if you are suffering from any disease please notice that the Milena mushroom can help you tremendously and make a difference in your prognosis.
We pick it up carefully so as not to crush it. It is good to eat and I know it does me good. We are now in the drying facility of the Agaricus Milena mushroom, where you can notice the shelf disposal of the previously cleaned and halved mushrooms. What comes next is the process of dehydration and then the production of the dehydrated mushroom capsules, of the tincture and of the mushroom for tea.
The mushroom is still good to eat raw, the dehydration process was partially ceased so that we could film this video and the mushroom is still cold. Next, it will be exposed to  a 40-degree temperature, the drying process lasts until tomorrow morning.We slide the shelves back in and continue the dehydration process.
The introduction and use of God`s mushroom in medical practice, in my medical practice has led to significant improvement of the output in treating cancerous diseases, psoriasis, diabetes , different types of hepatitis, cirrhosis but also patients with chronical weakness, compromised immunity, chronical infections or precancerous  damages.
The use of the mushroom alongside homeopathy, the new Germanic medicine, traditional medicine with all its branches performed to the letter and sometimes  acupuncture stand for a therapeutic whole, a completion of  a therapeutic arsenal  and an improvement in medical practice results  even in chronic cases or deemed as incurable, or terminal stage  in which the demise of the person  is foreseeable, within a longer or shorter time span and I dare say that the use of this mushroom in medical practice  brings a bonus of reassurance in medical practice, confidence and hope  for chronic cases.
In some diseases, a single type of therapy is insufficient. Surgery is neither the sole solution for all diseases, nor is chemotherapy or traditional medication. On the other hand, alternative therapy  does not suffice  to a 100% extent in all diseases  and medicine must be practiced when faced with  serious illness, but definitely thoroughly  in all cases and by performing a fusion of  complementary  treatment methods. When dealing with an enemy, the disease, it is advisable to use  the entire therapeutic arsenal, to aim all cannons and weapons  towards a disease which is dangerous for the body,  with a negative prognosis, in which case we as doctors  are obliged to use all therapeutic  resources against those diseases.
Agaricus Blazei Murill, God`s mushroom, known in Romania as Agaricus Milena, is a therapeutic  extra and reassurance for doctors and patients alike.
    Good afternoon. Have you come here willingly and uncoerced?
    Of course, it`s my pleasure.
    What is your name?
    My names is  Maria Ilie Coca.
    How old are you?
    What do you do?
    I`m a GP in Bucharest.
    O, a general practitioner!
    Yes, and I can say that I am experienced in using the Milena mushroom, as well as the shiitake mushroom.
    You`ve gained experience as a doctor or as a patient?
    As a patient, first and foremost as a patient!
    How come? What happened?
    So, in 2013 I was diagnosed with amygdala cancer, for which I underwent the classic chemotherapy and radiotherapy, without surgery. And, whatever, it so happened that subsequent to my treatment, as I had not been aware of the mushrooms before it,  I  found out about the mushrooms from a patient of mine, who in turn knew about them from an aunt of hers who had consumed them.
When you started the mushroom treatment, had you ceased the classic chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment?
Yes, I had completed it about two months before, and I was feeling dreadful. Anyway, I don`t know, whoever has been through such treatment knows what it involves.For example my magnesium level was around 0,5. I couldn`t even stand. I lived on the first floor, I couldn`t go up the stairs, I had to take the elevator.And all my blood tests were a living proof of the radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment,  I felt terrible.
In radiotherapy did you reach the maximum dosis of irradiation?
Yes, I was submitted to a treatment, not in a state facility, I wouldn`t be able to say exactly, but I did the treatment, 33 sessions, the entire thing, subsequent to  a month-and-a half of chemotherapy, with its typical side effects.
 Why did you stop the traditional treatment?
 No, I did all of it.It was hard but I did not want to give up.
 When did you start to eat the mushroom?
 About two months after finishing the treatment, when I found out about it.
 You had not gone back to normal after it ?
 No, no, I`m sorry that I don`t have some pictures of myself back then, I had some photos done, but I wanted to delete them so as to lose this recollection of myself...
 How did things go after the introduction of the mushroom into your diet?
 I have to tell you that I started feeling better and better. By that I mean that I felt I was gathering strength and I pursued my normal activity ceaselessly, I didn`t want to lie in bed, not even throughout the traditional treatment. However, as I was consuming the mushrooms, I was going to my practice and  patients came in that said “ Wow, doctor, you look great, you`ve grown younger!” So I`m not lying to you. When my patients were telling me those things it was as if I really felt I was blossoming.
Are you still on the Agaricus Milena treatment?
Definitely, I don`t dare interrupt it.
In what form?
Capsules and  tincture, however, at the very beginning I ate the mushrooms as they were for three months.
What does the amygdala look like?
The amygdala is ok. I do my treatment, I go to an ENT specialist regularly for prevention,I even had a  MRI done, every 6 months, every 9 months, to keep everything under control, so it would not recur, and I consume the mushroom for this particular reason, to avoid recurrence. The danger in this type of cancer is recurrence. Recurrence in the same place, not elsewhere. At least that is what I was told.
Doctor, thank you for coming and for accepting to take the oath. Keep your good health  and all the best.
God bless us everyone, thank you as well. I recommended it to my patients and those that did the treatment could see some improvement.

How old are you?
Where are you from?
 Bordeni, Prahova.
 Do you still work?
 No, I`m retired.
 From what I could gather, when you were in the army, you contacted hepatitis together with  23 other soldiers.
In 2008 I was diagnosed with herniated disc in discs 3,4,7 and 11. And having tests done doctors told me that I suffered from chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis with  oesophageal  varicose veins in terminal state.
What virus?
Virus C.
What did you do next?
 I underwent the treatment from the pharmacy prescribed by a state doctor, I got a bit better and I came home. In 2010 I was admitted to hospital again for a month and a half in Bucharest and when  I was discharged in April I heard about the mushrooms.
Sorry to intervene, between the acknowledgements  from  2008 when you received the diagnosis of  cirrhosis of virus C etiology and 2010 when you were admitted to hospital for the second time, what was the state of events? What did the tests say? What were the varicose veins like then?
I had varicose veins on my esophagus, in terminal state.
What was the evolution between 2008 and 2010 like, was it stationary , did they come to the same conclusions or did they say that the damages were even more intrusive?
Things had gone from bad to worse.
So the disease became even more serious.
The disease progressed in its own pace even though under  the traditional  treatment. Tell me, did you suffer from edema?
Not just edema, my blood circulation was extremely poor, I got swollen.
Did you have the edema in your legs or stomach?
Even in my head...
So you had edema all over your body.
That is correct.
 And you general colour …
 Was yellowish.
 Yellowish. So you had jaundice too.
 Mechanical jaundice.
 Did the doctors make any referral to the evolution and prognosis, as you were admitted to hospital?
 They said they would at some point but they did not know how much I had left and what evolution I would have.
 So the disease was basically evolving irreversibly, going from bad to worse, without  an assessment of the extent of the pace  and when the awaited end would come.
Yes, a month and a half later I came home and in the month of April I found out about  the  Agaricus Milena mushroom.
And it was then that you started using the mushroom alongside the classic treatment?
 Are you now on any other classic medication?
 What are you on now?
 Just the mushroom, tincture and capsules and at present I`m only on the maintenance dosis.
 So, technically you have managed  to cast the classic medication aside and your sole treatment is reduced to the  Agaricus Milena mushroom, which improved your general state?
 I feel very well.The only solution that could have changed the prognosis and the end, which  seemed imminent, would have been a liver transplant.
We come to the conclusion that the Lord`s mushroom, a natural treatment, Agaricus Blazei Murill, or  Agaricus Milena has turned things around and we probably wouldn`t have been sitting here talking if the mushroom didn`t exist. We have here a man who has not yet undergone a liver transplant and who is in a good state, in a good condition.I believe that if he were to have a liver test done, a biopsy or a fibrosis test, surely, bearing in mind the general state and what the patient looks like, they would all be improved, we would acknowledge that both cirrhosis and varicose esophagus have regressed and here we have a man in perfect state thanks to a simple and natural treatment.
 Thank you for your willingness of taking an oath about what you have been through and the change that the consumption of the Agaricus Milena mushroom brought into your life .
 Thank you as well.

Good afternoon. What is your name?
 Doina Bucur.
 How old are you?
 63 .
 I`m retired, I was active in culture.
 Where do you come from?
 Let`s have a short review.From what we spoke earlier, I remember that you were diagnosed with  virus C hepatitis. In what year?
1996. After I had a biopsy performed I was diagnosed with virus C liver cirrhosis.
 And you found out about the varicose esophagus at the same time?
 No, it was in 2008, when I had an endoscopy done.
 Did you undergo a typical treatment for virus C hepatitis?
 I was administered Interferon in 1996.
 How did it go?
 It was terrible because I was feverish, my hair started to fall off and ever since I was administered Interferon I was also diagnosed with  thrombocytopenia  in 2001.
 The reason why you stopped the treatment with Interferon was that you were cured or because you could no longer tolerate it?
 I couldn`t bear it any more.
 So we are talking about an untolerated Interferon treatment.
 That`s right, I was unwell and I stopped it.
 What was your evolution back then?
 At one point I felt good, me being retired, I took things slowly, did my treatment, drank various types of tea, however at one point I felt ill, I did a decompensation , I was told that I had a compensated cirrhosis.
 What prognosis did the doctors give back then?
 They didn`t say anything in 2008, they ran tests and in 2009 when I was admitted they told me that if we met God halfway in 2010, we`d get the chance to  perform other tests that would  be conclusive of the stage I  was in.
 So doctors basically saw that divine providence was the chance to see you in 3 moths` time. Did you start consuming  God`s mushroom Agaricus Milena in your treatment and how did you come by it?
This happened in 2010, right in January. I had found out about it in 2009 and in 2010, I came here in Fierbinti for the holidays  and  came by  the mushroom. I drank mushroom tea for 3 years.
And then?
And then I ceased the treatment, so as to avoid addiction and resorted to a maintenance dosis.
What do you mean by maintenance?
Capsules and tincture.
What was the evolution of your health state after you introduced the mushroom into your diet?
What can I say, I got to hospital and everyone was amazed and asked me what I had done, as my blood tests were satisfactory, good, after the endoscopy my varicose veins were no longer 2nd degree, I have the tests from 2012 right here, the medical referral in which they mentioned that my varicose veins were thin , as thin as hairs.
We therefore have to be aware of the fact that cirrhosis, deemed as a disease with irreversible evolution, which can at most be stopped or the evolution of which can be slowed down, regressed.
 And I forgot to tell you that in 2008 I had a test done, I myself didn`t know at the time what it meant, the alphafetoprotein which in 2008 was 20,2 and in  2009,the blood tests indicated a value of 9,7, at the same hospital.
 Increased mitotic activity and we have proof that it diminished, it`s interesting, miraculous even, wouldn`t you say?!
 Definitely, I want to mention that the varicose veins were 2 thin streaks, very thin and they wrote small varicose veins.
What can you tell us about your evolution under the mushroom treatment, in your own words?
What can I say other than the fact that first and foremost I feel revitalized, I don`t know, I feel fine, I don`t even know if I should tell you that we are now in 2017 and I haven`t had my blood tests done for 3 years.
The mushroom treatment does not interfere with the classic one and can be administered at the same time successfully, in the best interest of the patient.
 That`s right, yes.
 We can therefore dare say that you are here in 2017, at the table with me also thanks to the mushroom?
By all means, definitely, I`ve told everyone that we are together here in 2017 thanks to the tiny mushrooms, as in 2009  I was diagnosed with Virus C cirrhosis on account of a biopsy, not a simple ultrasound.

My name is  Valerica Preda, from Bordenii Mari, Prahova county.
How old are you?
 Do you still work?
 No, I`m retired.
 How did you come to consume the Agaricus Milena mushroom?
 I suffered from an invasive thyroid cancer, which was unoperable. I had puncture and iodine  done and neither was effective as I was allergic to all sorts of pills that are administered for the thyroid.I had  hyperthyroidism. I  eventually followed a treatment with  propylthiouracil, from Germany, which is said to be the only treatment that still works, 1 in 1000 is effective.
Did you try radiotherapy ?
Yes. Nothing worked out .
 You didn`t tolerate it or it was ineffective?
 It was ineffective.
 The traditional treatments were therefore ineffective.
 Yes, it was impossible to be prepared for surgery, the doctors tried to schedule me for surgery three times and in actual fact nothing happened. At some point I found out about some alternative medication from Bihor, things went well with them. Since my husband suffered from terminal cirrhosis, I dealt with him and cast my alternative treatment aside, I forgot I was sick.  And throughout this period my disease recurred.  It was during the same period that I felt a fishbone in my throat. I came to pick up the treatment for my husband and  it was then that I said that I had a problem. And I was asked what problem  and I said that recently I had felt a fishbone in my throat. “There is no fishbone in your throat, you have thyroid issues”. “Yes.” And it was then that I began to talk about it. And I was brought  capsules and tincture, I got home and threw away the powders and antibiotic and everything. I put all my faith in it  because it brought my husband back to life. I had never looked the way I did then, people knew me in the area. After two months of treatment I had to  have my blood tests done to be interviewed by a committee and they came out fine.  For eight years running I had my TSH 0,03. I couldn`t even talk.
What was your weight minimum?
33 kilos.
And now?
Now I weigh 73. Back then I felt older than I was, I felt drained. Now people keep saying that I don`t look my age. It`s not just that, this taught me I`m alive, I`m full of life, totally changed. My husband and I followed the allopathic treatment  to the letter, this mushroom was our last chance. I have to say that we truly wanted to stay alive, to see our grandchildren, our children, we have been looking forward to this and thank God we did not relent, we believe that if there`s a will, there`s a way.   Would you go as far as to say that you are here thanks to the mushroom?
 How long has it been since you began ?
 It`s been almost eight years, seven, my husband says I shouldn`t mislead, it`s only been seven. However for seven years I haven`t rushed to hospital or dealt with doctors. I dreaded having my blood tests done as all values were unsatisfactory, I hardly had 3 good values in two pages of tests. Now, when I had them done to have a check-up, I mean my cholesterol level reached 600 in the past, all blood tests went crazy, anemia 6; now, if I  have them done I barely have three values that are not good. And I told you, I would add The Root of Life, it really puts life into you!

We presented here four cases, two cases of liver cirrhosis of virus C etiology in advanced damage state  with esophageal  varices  and with a limited prognosis as far as life expectancy is concerned  and basically lacking  recuperation. Also, two cases of cancer, one amygdala cancer and one thyroid cancer, that did not respond to any applied treatment except for the Agaricus Milena mushroom, the Romanian denomination of the well-known Agaricus Blazei Murill. These cases are of survivors that could be brought forth in the interview that you`ve watched thanks to the treatment with this mushroom, Agaricus Milena. From what you could see, the treatment with Agaricus Milena mushroom can be applied alongside other classic therapies, such as the surgical treatment , chemotherapy, radiotherapy, but with other alternative therapies, such as homeopathy, acupuncture, the new Germanic medicine, Ayurveda medicine, physiological regulation medicine and this fusion  can only increase the effectiveness of  the treatment and  enhance the effect of each one of these therapies it is used with. As far as the effect is concerned, it shows that this mushroom, Agaricus Blazei Murill, Agaricus Milena, enables the reversibility of the pathological processes in an extensive   damage stage.

There are other diseases in which we can use this mushroom, Agaricus Milena, in psoriasis, in diabetes, in states of immune deficiency, chronic infections and mycosis. We do have the mushroom  so it is therefore within our reach and we can take advantage of this mushroom and the benefits of the treatment with Agaricus Milena.

 Regarding the diet of patients diagnosed with advanced stages of cancer, cirrhosis, I do not recommend any type of diet apart from avoiding the excess of salt and alcohol as, for example in cirrhosis , any type of diet can lead to the worsening of the cirrhosis  through the hunger alternation and in advanced cases the patient  is usually cachectic and needs protein and strength to  survive and defeat the disease. In the future we will come back with other cases and our experience in using the Agaricus Milena mushroom therapeutically.
Thank you!

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