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Cancerul de col uterin!

Azi a venit pacienta vaccinata HPV, care totusi avea ulceratie de col si papiloma virus pozitiva, chiar dupa vaccinare. Se pare ca vaccinul nu are efect in infectia HPV si teoria clasica despre etiologia cancerului de col uterin, nu sta in picioare. Conizatia si histerectomia sunt interventii destul de frecvente in viata femeilor, alaturi de iradieri, chimioterapie si vaccinari inutile. Aveti in link cauza reala a cancerului de col uterin si uter, cat si a celui de col uterin. "BIOLOGICAL CONFLICT: The biological conflict linked to the cervix mucosa is a sexual conflict or mating conflict (meaning, in biological terms, that reproduction is at stake). In comparison, the conflict associated with the uterus is foremost about “implantation”; in males, the mating conflict corresponds to the prostate. In line with evolutionary reasoning, territorial conflicts, sexual conflicts, and separation conflicts are the primary conflict themes associated with organs of ectodermal origin, controlled from the...
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